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bombshellbabexo's Journal

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Welcome to BombshellBabeXO!!

first 10 are auto accepted!! 10 auto accepts are left!

.o1 You must post your application within 2 days of joining the community.
.o2 You must post your application under a cut with the subject of the post being "Application" and the lj-cut link being "im a total bombshell babe!"
.o3 If you are rejected, you may reapply again after 7 days. If still rejected, wait 14. Still not in? You're officially out.
.o4 Please do not apply if you're not planning on being active.
.o5 If rejected, remove yourself from the community ASAP or we will do it for you.
.o6 Do not comment on other applications or entrys in genral if you are not a member or have been rejected on any posts. You will be banned.
.o7  Please do not post your application or any posts friends only. All posts should be public
.o8  You are allowed to comment back on you application, but don't be annoying about it. While you are waiting to be accpected and someone says something they don't like about you don't comment back with a bitchy reply or you will be banned
.o9 Just so we know you read the rules in your application when we ask : What do you think of our Mods? Respond with: They are Bombshell babes!

.o1 Members have three days to vote, starting when the application is posted.
.o2 You must have your own comment, please do not reply to someone else's with your vote.
.o3 The subject of the comment needs to be you're vote [yes or no]
.o4 Please give a reason for your vote. Constructive criticism is always helpful, and just plain criticism is always fun.
.o5 Please don't be too giving, or too harsh for that matter. We would like to be exclusive!

.o1 You must stay active. And please let us know if you're going to be gone for a while.
.o2 All promos underneath a cut.
.o3 For every promo you post, you must promote to at least one other person/community for us (and please post the link with the promo).

you must fill out the WHOLE app!!

paste this in the entry then hit rich text

Image hosted by Photobucket.com





Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
none yet!


scavenger hunt!

your favorite out fit

*Top- 50 pts
*Shoes- 15pts
*If shoes require socks then socks if not ignore this- 5pts
*Bra- 20 pts
*Undies-20 pts
*Earrings- 30pts
*Jewelry 2 items necklace bracelet w/e- 35 pts
*Purse- 25 pts
*Hair Tie, Ribbon, or Flower- bonus 15 pts

Be sure to Rate Peoples out fits based on how many points you think they should get for each. Also include where you got each item from (store) Another Thing Put it under a cut called Scavenger Hunt!!